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Dec 11, 2019
I recently made a graduation gift for my son. Due to COVID-19 he not only missed out on most of his senior year functions, but his varsity baseball season was cut short as well. A local photographer captured his last play of the season. I wanted to make a very special pen for him to remember his last season and decided to try label casting. I was very nervous at first but after reading all of the posts and tutorials from everyone, I felt I had enough direction to give it a shot. I used Alumilite Clear resin with an Avery label. A special thanks to Cody Walker for his tutorial on label casting. I'm not sure if the photos truly capture how the pen really looks, but I am happy with the outcome. The first two photos are of the pen and the third is the photograph itself.

Baseball.jpgBaseball3.jpgStealing Home.png
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