Wanted Bangle Cores

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May 5, 2011
Chattanooga, TN
If anyone has bangle cores (stainless or copper) that they would like to offload please contact me. I am specifically looking for the type Wildwood Designs (bangle guy.com) used to market. The ones PSI used to sell are of inferior construction, and I will not use them. All sizes and widths, however I really need sizes 9, 8.5, and 7, preferably in medium or narrow width.

About 5 years ago I bought Steve Guzy’s entire stock of bangle supplies. They are nearly all gone now, Apparently bangle guy is no longer manufacturing the cores. The only other sources I could find were at ringsupplies.com and buffalowoodturningproducts.com. I believe both were resellers for Wildwood Designs. Buffalo wood has none in stock, and ring supplies only has 8 and 7.5 in stock.

Thank you.

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