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I am probably going to order a Membership Card.

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    Votes: 80 72.7%
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    Votes: 30 27.3%

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IAP Activities Manager, Emeritus
Mar 9, 2009
Columbus, OH
OK, so after 1 Month & 3 days, 99 members have expressed interest in an official IAP Membership card. Not the turnout I expected but doesn't necessarily kill the project either. Planning will be geared towards a smaller number of cards. I do have someone trying to fix my screw-up involving Scott's last name. I haven't stopped looking at plastic, credit card style cards, but I will be discussing other options with Jeff in the near future (the guy has been kinda busy lately playing his new computer game, Tweak The New Forum" Even if we go with the original plan now that we have a better idea of the number of members interested we will be able to get a better estimate of the cost per card.
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