An economic alternative for shipping overseas: Shipito

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Nov 4, 2009
Brussels, Belgium
Hi all,
I recently found out that some companies forward orders from the US to overseas destinations.
One of them is Shipito. I was looking to such shipping alternatives and the first time I tried Shipito was after purchasing a Wynn Environmental catridge filter for my Dust collector as this company don't ship out of CONUS. I'm more than satisfied with SHipito, especially after the recent USPS shipping fees increases.
This company has an economic alternative (cheaper than USPS First Class Mail) with (de facto) no constraints on size (like the USPS Priority parcels). IMHO the courrier alternatives (like DHL...) seem cheaper also. Seemingly not the case for heavier parcels shipped through USPS (I paid $20 more than USPS fee for my cartridge filter).
Anyway, after 10 shipments to me (Brussels) I can say that the delays are about the same as the USPS packages (+/- 1 week).
When a parcel is delivered to a Shipito warehouse, you get a couple of pictures of it with size and weight. You then can pick the shipping option you want for the specific package.
One fills the customs form by himself, and after he credits his account accordingly the package is processed the same day. Shipito charges $2 for every shipment. Consolidation is also possible but with a monthly subscription.


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