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Jun 9, 2017
Columbus, Nebraska, USA
Greetings from Nebraska!

It seems that every time I turn a pen the wood becomes my favorite wood - at least for the day. This is the first time I've turned Ambrosia Maple. It turned easily and finished nicely. I filled the two Ambrosia Beetle holes with Ebony Timbermate wood filler. Beetle holes are almost unavoidable in Ambrosia Maple as it is the Ambrosia Beetle that carries the sap infusing fungus responsible for the dark coloration. The blanks were pressed into a standard Chrome Junior Gentleman rollerball.


Here is the Pen:
IMG_1534 Cropped 600.jpg

And here are the views of it capped and posted as it was rotated to present the grain from different views:
IMG_1528 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1529 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1530 Cropped.jpg

IMG_1531 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1532 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1533 Cropped.jpg
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