amboyna sapwood and masur birch

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
I have a group of 5 amboyna burl sapwood blanks some have some heartwood, one has a natural edge. These will look great dyed and stabilized. These blanks were cut in the outermost part of the burl where the figure is often the strongest. a couple have a dark finish that is applied after the burls are cut in Asia. These are dry, stable and are ready to stabilize or turn. $25 now reduced to $20.

I have a group of masur birch pen blanks some awesome figure in some and some have a crack. The longest is 7 3/4 long and are all roughly 3/4 square. all of them for $20 now reduced to 15.

I also have a ton of dyed and stabilize maple burl. The pictures are just a sample of some of the blanks from this 200lb spalted maple burl. $35 for 10 stabilized blanks because these blanks suck up the resin and add to the cost. I will also sell unstabilized if interested.


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