Aluminum Box

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Mar 17, 2016
Marietta, GA
I just ordered two aluminum boxes with handles for carrying my pens for $15.00 each. They come in two sizes: 8.25 X 17 and 11.75 X 21.

Here is what I ordered:

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Here is a link to where I got them from:

These boxes are made to carry table top display items and have only a very small amount of padding in them. You would need to add the padding to handle your pens safely and securely.

I will be using the following from to line my boxes:

This product is a little more expensive than just regular but it is a denser foam than some of the others. There is also a product called Kaizen Foam that is sold by Rockler and Woodcraft which would do the job and is about half the price of what I am planning to use. The stuff I want to use is 3/4 inch thick with a 1/2 inch piece on top and a 1/4 inch bottom piece. That would allow me to have two layers in each box that could lifted out when ready to set up a display.
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