Abranet from Neil (Wolftat)

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Dec 2, 2009
I received a pack of Abranet from Neil (Wolftat) about a month ago. I came home and cut it into strips about 2" wide, then stacked them from 120 to 600 in reverse order (so that the 120 was on the top), and then held the stack together with a black document clip.

1. The first thing I noticed about using this product was the greatly reduced amount of sanding dust. Using Kingsplor gold I can see the dust flying off the paper into my dust collector. With abranet, could hardly see anything.

2. This is an aggressive material and you need to learn to use a lighter touch with it than with soft-cloth backed sandpaper.

3. This stuff lasts a long time. I have done about 20 pen blanks, 10 razors, 1 bowl and 3 spinning tops, and I it looks barely used.

4. Almost impossible to clog.

5. After you get used to it, you can use an aggressive/gentle approach to get superb results.

I recommend this product, and I recommend the dealer that I got it from.
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