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Vendor Forums - Concept and Guidelines​

The Concept

Vendor Forums are a place for vendors to advertise, announce, help, and communicate about topics specific to the vendor's products, services, and business operations.

Are you a vendor wanting your own little corner at IAP where you can freely communicate with our members? Do you want to easily show off your new products, announce sales or specials, and provide product support? Then Vendor Forums are for you!

Are you a member interested in knowing when your favorite vendors are loaded up with the most in-demand blanks, or are running a great special or a contest? Then you will enjoy keeping an eye on our Vendor Forums!

Information for Vendors

Use your forum to announce sales, specials, giveaways, etc. Make announcements about your web site, new products, or anything else related to your business. Post tips and tricks related to your products, run polls, and maintain your catalog in a sticky post. You will have limited moderation rights in your forum. You can open and close threads, make threads sticky, and edit your posts.

Please focus discussion on your specific products, services, and business. General penturning discussions belong in other forums. We strongly suggest that you be conscious of overposting in your forum. While creating a lot of traffic related to your products and business may seem like a good idea, members will grow tired of a constant stream of posts and can very easily ignore your posts or hide your threads.

Vendor Forums are available for zero cost to eligible vendors. Eligibility for a vendor forum is defined below. To request a vendor forum be created, send a PM to [profile]Jeff[/profile]. The IAP TOS and AUP apply in Vendor Forums. Individual forums will appear alphabetically in the Vendor Forums area.

Information For Members

We encourage you to participate in Vendor Forum discussions. When starting a thread to ask a question, please focus your question on specific products and services offered by the vendor. General questions belong elsewhere. Questions which look suspiciously intended just to generate traffic in a Vendor's forum may be deleted. (Such as, "What cool new products do you have?") Questions of a general nature may be moved to other forums. (Such as, "How do you make a pen?")

Please don't start threads in a vendor's forum showing off pens made with the vendor's products unless you are the manufacturer of the product. Continue to use the Show Off Your Pens forum so we can all enjoy your fine work."

If you don't want to see a particular vendor's forum in your new posts feed, you can exclude it via your control panel. Here is a video showing how to do that.

Qualifying Vendors

Vendors who meet the following qualifications are welcome to request (PM [profile]Jeff[/profile]) a vendor forum:
  • Be an IAP member for at least one year
  • Sell through an external web site (stand-alone site, well-established eBay or similar store) or have demonstrated an active selling presence at IAP
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