About the meeting in Oct.

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Feb 2, 2007
Greenbrier, AR. USA.
We are having a pen blank swap (bring 2), a slimline type pen swap (bring a finished pen to swap), demos (hopefully, one so far - how to make a 50 caliber cartridge pen). A 2 liter bottle of soft drink. We will set a cost for the meal (soon as we know what it will be) and we need to pool money to pay the $80 rental on the pavilion. Most all this is voluntary. Participate in the parts you want. Bring any products you want to display (show and tell) or if you have things to sell you can bring those. Wood-n-Whimsies from Monett will have a booth set up for those who want to purchase pen parts. A good group of door prizes. Lots of stories and pen talking time! Casual dress by all means. More to follow.
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