A pen/pencil combo

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Dec 22, 2017
Wolf Creek Montana
Here's a pen and pencil set I just recently did for my wife. They're both Trim Line components from PSI. The wood is Maple and has an interesting story behind it. My wife makes and sells custom greeting cards on Etsy. The other day she came into the shop and asked me if I had any use for a bunch of wood ink stamp holders. She was converting all her stamps to some kind of acrylic. So I at first told her no but starting to think about it and decided to take a closer look at the wood and found it to be Maple. So now I have a whole bunch of Maple stamp blocks that I can make more pen/pencils with. Most importantly, my wife's a happy camper with her new set of writing instruments.
It may appear that the upper barrel at the center band is a bit proud of the band on both items. It's actually a shadow that I couldn't get out of the photo.

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