A Pair New Born Kitty Pens

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Sep 13, 2008
San Antonio Tx.
Since my wife and I like CATS I had to try the new cat pen kits. Apparently we are not the only one's who like cats, when I took them to work to show my latest creations one of the mangers wanted one in pink for his wife.
First is the gold with Flexigran-Golden Black (tiger eye). This was the first time trying Flexigran and I liked it, so much I ordered more. I thought it was easy to turn and micro mesh. Buffing took a little longer than usual to bring out the shine but worth it. Also don't seem for the need to paint inside of blanks as the nib end is pretty thin and brass tube does not show through. I think this stuff would be pretty good for kitless pens.
Second is antique pewter with Chocolate Banana Chip, this is another one of my favorite blanks.
Thanks for looking, Keith


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