A New BASH Contest - IAP Collection Additions

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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
In the spirit of trying something new, the IAP Collection's involvement in the 2021 annual BASH has a few new wrinkles.

Instead of designating several contests 'IAP Collection Eligible,' where winners had the option to donate their pen to the Collection, this year there will be an independent Contest specifically for the IAP Collection. Now members who wish to keep their winning pens will not be in a position of accepting or declining to donate from other contests (e.g, Pretty Wood Pen, Segmented Pen, etc...). This new contest is specifically for those entrants who seek to have a pen included.

Also, this is a pretty free-wheeling contest with liberal rules. And finally, cash prizes will be awarded directly from IAP as opposed to donations from the membership (The IAP Collection is in fact the property of IAP).

Some information on the IAP Collection is in this recent thread: IAP Collection - Pen #41

IAP Collection Contest.

Want to enter a new contest? Want to immortalize your efforts in a permanent collection of pens belonging to the IAP membership? Don’t like many rules?
Welcome to the 2021 IAP BASH IAP Collection’ Contest.

OK, In addition to the Universal Contest Rules, the following also apply:
  1. Enter only if you are willing to donate your pen if you are in the top three in votes.
  2. Due to storage and transportation and display restrictions The pen must be easily fit into a typical storage slot (e.g, 1” x 7” approximately). - No elaborate Freestyle.
  3. If it is a constructed blank (e.g., cast/embedded, hybrid, segmented, 3d printed) you need to have made it yourself.
  4. Any material, or combination of materials is acceptable.
  5. Any style is acceptable. (Fountain, ball point, rollerball).
  6. Any kit/kitless is acceptable.
  7. The pen must not have been entered in another 2020 BASH Contest, or been previously publicly displayed.
  8. No montages, watermarks, or any other identifying marks that might reveal the identity of the maker.
  9. One entry per person.
  10. There are still prizes!
  11. The top three pens voted by the IAP Membership will be added to the IAP Collection.
  12. You must have fun!
  1. There will be an email address provided to send entries to.
  2. Up to Three photos should be be submitted. You are responsible for cropping and sizing your photographs.
  3. A brief description of your work should accompany your pictures.
  4. Contest will start Feb 1st and entries will be accepted from Feb 1 through noon - Monday Feb. 18th, 12:00 PM EST
  1. Winners will be decided by popular vote.
  2. If there are 10 entries or less, there will be one poll, which will be open for 72 hours.
  3. If there are 10+ entries there will be a preliminary poll and the top five entries will advance to a final poll that will also be open for 72 hours.
  4. Tied votes for any entries to advance/win may result in additional run-off polls, or additional entries to advance to the final poll.

1’st Place - $250 USD
2'nd Place - $200 USD
3’rd Place - $150 USD
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