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Jul 17, 2017
Washington, IN

First Christmas Ornament, first non-wood turning and first turn- between- centers.

WoodTurningz let me pick a piece of inlace acrylester from the bargain bin when I picked up my order week before last when I mentioned that I hadn't turned any of the resins, yet. (I also purchased a piece of the acrylic acetate)

Part of the order was some of the ornament ends so I could turn some off size wood pieces. Instead, I used the first one for this, a full size blank since my wife is a Christmas nut.

Now I have opened a whole other can of worms.

Wasn't to bad, a little scary when I went to make it round but after knocking the corners off (literally) I started working it with my HF skew, hit it with a stone about halfway through, sanded all the way though and then used Novus 3 followed by Novus 2.

Lots of things I would do different, but momma is happy.

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