A Few Click Cigar Kits Available

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Dec 28, 2015
I ordered some Click Cigar kits from penkitsmall.com (Xiamen Rizheng).

To see what the kit looks like (and what you're buying), check out my video review thread in the Pen Turning forum.

I ordered double what I wanted to get a reasonable unit price (shipping is crazy expensive). I figured some of you all would like to check them out as well. I divided up the extra kits in batches of 5 kits, and am asking $30 (including shipping.. a total shipped price of $6/kit) for each of those 5 kit packs. This is what I calculated my costs were - not trying to make any money here. I'd like to spread these around to give more people a chance to try them, so only one batch of 5 per person please.

I've got 6 of those 5 kit batches, so the first 6 people to claim them here will get a message from me with my paypal address, and asking for your USPS address. Sorry, but I'm customs challenged, so US addresses only.
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