5 hand made glass pen stands for sale

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Jul 29, 2005
North Las Vegas, NV
For sale are 5 hand blown glass pen stands. Widest is probably about 4" wide, with smaller heart shaped being about 3.5" wide. Height is around 2.5" to 3" each. Three are just sort of a round abstract shape, but the two smaller ones are definitely heart shaped. I bought these many years ago from Tamarack in West Virginia, a very unique fine arts gallery showcasing the talents of WV artists. I was pleased to actually manage to get juried into there when I lived in WV, and I spotted these pen stands from a WV artist and so bought a bunch to go along with my pens that I might gift to others. Back when I bought them in 2006-2007, I paid $14 each and I'd like to at least get back that investment, even though I'm sure they'd go for a fair amount higher now. Most similar pen stands like this that I can find online are a minimum of $20 each, and some are up to $45 each. Since I'm no longer doing pen turning, I've given away all of the pens that I'd want to grace these stands. They all fit into a medium flat rate priority mail box, and I'd like to increase the insurance coverage from the free amount of $50 to $100, since they are fragile. So total shipping cost will be right at $20. Please make me an offer in no-fee paypal or zelle.


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