4 Axis CNC mill for sale - UK only

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Oct 19, 2006
In a Skip in Wales
Hi guys, a year ago I bought this new Chinese mill. It has never been used and therefore must go. Including the import duties and delivery charges etc, I paid over £2 K for it.
I would like to get £1 K for it now.
I simply don't have the time or inclination to play with it.
You will need a PC with Windows XP or 2000. And, if like me you are a novice with CNC, you'll need a bucket load of patience to understand the Chinese/ English instructions.
Subject to lockdown rules, I can deliver FOC or you can collect and I'll make you a cuppa. You could even bring your PC and check it working.
It needs two people to lift. I can help on my end. Everything in the link is included except the original crate.
£1 K is bargain, but is still a big chunk of money so PLEASE do your homework and satisfy yourself before committing.

I appreciate its a small niche market here so will go on eBay if no interest.

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