2021 BIRTHDAY BASH - 13 and Under Youth Contest

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Aug 11, 2008
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2021 BIRTHDAY BASH - 13 and Under Youth Contest

Entries for the “Youth 13 and Under Pen Making Contest" will be accepted starting February 1, 2021 and will end February 22, 2021 at Midnight MST. NO EXCEPTIONS!

This contest is to let our youngest members and turners, as well as our adult members children compete in the Summer Extravaganza Pen competitions, competing only within their own age groups.

This contest is for those 13 years of age or younger as determined by their age at the start of the Birthday Bash, February 1, 2021. If your 13th Birthday is 2/1/2021 then you qualify as under 13.

How to Enter:

You must submit the information below when submitting your pen. Any pen posted to this thread or anyone revealing their work will be disqualified.

Use the following email to submit your entries: Youth13Under@penturners.org . Please include your IAP member Id, real Name and address with your entry (if old enough to be an IAP member). Otherwise submit using the IAP user name of your Adult Supervisor.

Who Determines the Winners:

A member’s poll will be created for your peers to vote. Voting will begin on February 23rd and continue until midnight February 25th. If necessary, a run off poll will be conducted February 26th through Midnight February 27th. The winners will be revealed February 29th, 2021.

All contestants must comply with the Universal Contest Rules in addition to the following rules.

Rules for the Youth Pen Making Contest:

1 - The object of the contest is to create a pen on the lathe using all the components of a commercially available Ball Point pen kit and blank.

2 - There will be no modifications to the kits and no laser or CNC work allowed.

3 – Adults may assist in the turning of the pen but the entrants must have “hands on” in the making of the pen. You are the best judge of your child’s abilities to use power tools. Keep it safe!

4 - To enter the contest you must submit to the email posted above. You may submit up to 3 photographs. Photos need to be 800 x 600 with a maximum file size of 256kb.

5 - Your submission must include brief description of the materials and process used in the creation of your pen.

6 - Photographs should be on a plane background without props of any sort. A clear plastic pen stand is acceptable. Remember that you will be judged based on your photographs submitted.

7 - Please include your member ID, real name and address along with your entry.

8 - Entrant must be under the age of 13.


First – TBA
Second – TBA
Third – TBA

If there are any questions or concerns about your entry please contact me via PM
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