2021 (17th Anniversary) Logo Contest

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17th Anniversary Logo Contest!

Help us celebrate 17 years of friendship and penmaking education!

*** $250 Cash Prize ***

Enter via email (see below) by Sunday, Dec 13, 2020

Welcome to the 2021 IAP Anniversary Logo Design Contest. You design it, and the members vote on it. The winning logo ends up on any items we might produce for our anniversary celebration ("The Bash") in February 2021.

We're looking for logos which:

  • have clean, simple lines in black and white
  • have elements of pens, the IAP, penmaking, etc.
  • contains the number "17" or "XVII", or the word "seventeen", "seventeenth", or some other commonly recognized symbol for 17.
  • has some reference to our anniversary. Such as the phrase "17th Anniversary", or "17 Years of Penmaking", or some other indication that we are commemorating another year of existence of the IAP.
  • have an aspect ratio no greater than 2:1 (The larger dimension no more than twice the smaller dimension.)
You MAY (as the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 logos did) incorporate the IAP logo into your submission.

HERE is the vector file of our web logo. A "simplified" version of our logo is available. It's the one we use for embroidery and it has fewer lines inside the oval. You are welcome to use that one instead of the "standard" version linked above. (If you incorporate our logo, I strongly suggest the simplified version. It's much cleaner looking on items.)

The Contest

Entries will be accepted until approximately midnight US Eastern time on December 13, 2020

The winning logo will be selected by a single 7 day vote by the members.

If more than 8 logos are entered, an additional, 5-day semi-final vote may be added to down-select a smaller number of entries.
If fewer than 3 logos are entered, the contest may be canceled, or one of the submitted logos may be chosen by other means.

The names of the members submitting entries will not be revealed until after the final voting. So, DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY ANYWHERE!!! Submit it by email as described below.

If you win, we may ask you to tweak your design slightly to fit our needs, then it will become the official 17th anniversary IAP logo.

The Prize

The winner will receive:

  • $250 USD delivered via PayPal
  • Your choice of two of the items we produce with your logo. (Two mugs, a shirt and a mug, etc.)
Submitting Your Entry


  • You may submit up to two entries. If you submit two, they should be substantially different from each other.
  • There is no fee for entry.
  • Entries become the property of Penturners.org, LLC
  • Submit your entry by email to: logo17 ("at" penturners.org). Please put "2021 Logo Contest Entry" in the subject field of your email. I acknowledge all entries by replying to your submission email. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours of receipt, send me a PM.
  • PLEASE include your IAP member name with your submission!
  • If you submit more than one entry, please send them in separate emails. Once you submit an entry, please don't send a revision in a later email. Make sure what you submit is your final entry.
  • Entries should be jpg images of your digitally created entry, at 800px in the largest dimension. (If you win, ideally we'd like your design in a vector file, but for the contest submission, a jpg is required.)
  • Only members of The IAP/penturners.org as of the date and time of this posting are eligible.
  • Members of the management team and moderators are not eligible.
Additional Information:
  • The logo you submit will be voted upon exactly as you submit it. We won't do any cleanup or tweaking until after the winner is selected.
  • If your submission includes any elements which are not your own creation, you must have full rights to distribute the elements included with your design.
  • The submitted logos must be black and white, not gray scale or color. (If we produce items which we decide would benefit from color in the logo, we'll ask you to add color.)
If you have questions or concerns, Start a conversation with me, or post here (If you post, please don't quote this entire text!)

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