2020 SE Pretty Wood pen contest.

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Jul 5, 2009
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Time once again for the Pretty Wood Pen contest in the Summer Extravaganza.
The rules are pretty simple
1- it must be made with wood.
2- You must have made it.
3- Any kit is fine,
4- Segmenting is fine as long as its done by hand and not done by cnc, or laser.
5- You may make small alterations to the kits like replaceing the top insert in the cap or clip.
6- You may not post it on line in any social media place until the contest is over.
7- one entry per person and it cannot be used in another contest.

Entries can be Sent to prettywoodpen@penturners.org Starting August 1st, The contest will close to entries on August17th, at 11:59pm EST.
Polls will be posted as soon as I can get them up.
1st, A gift certificate from Robutacion for $50.00
2nd, A gift certificate from TonyL for $25.00
3rd A BOB from Edgar.
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