2020 SE Casting Contest.

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Jul 5, 2009
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The Casting contest is open to all that cast.
1- you must have made the blank, cnc, laser, 3d printing, multiple colors are all good.
2-You must make a pen with it.
3- Take up to 3 pictures and any description you wish to share.
4- Any kit is acceptable. Kitless pens will have their own contest.
5- You cannot post pictures of the pen on any social media platforms before the end of the contest.
Entries can be sent to casting@penturners.org starting August 1st, the contest will close to entries on Aug 17th at 11:59pm EST.
1st A BOB from wasschjp17 and a bob from Fred.
2nd, A gift certificate from TonyL for $25.00
3rd, A gift certificate from Robutacion for $25.00
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