2020 BASH Youth 13 and Under Pen Contest - Voting

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Mr Vic

Aug 11, 2008
Falcon, CO
Youth Under 13 Pen Making Contest - Vote

Please vote for your favorite. We will only hold this one poll on this Contest.
Voting closes Midnight February 25, 2020

Entry 1
The pen is a Black Titanium Virage. I'm unsure of the name of the blank but it is obviously an acrylic. Entrant just chose it out of my stash. This is not Entrant's first pen so he did almost all of the work on it. He drilled the blank, reverse painted the blank, glued the tube in, squared the blank and turned the blank while I watched and provided only verbal instructions or an occasional demonstration. The only part Entrant didn't do was do 100% of the pressing the pen together. He tried, but in the Virage there is a small brass tube that gets pressed into the grip. Entrant crushed it, literally. So I robbed another kit and rather than risking any other damage I pressed that small piece in. Then I positioned and held the pen and the parts in the press for Entrant so he could work the lever and press the parts in.


Entry 2
I got all the commercial blanks I had access to and gave them to Entrant with the kit laid out he spent about an hour looking through them and decided on the camo blank. The cigar pen kit is one neither of us have turned before. He worked out where cuts had to be made. The cuts were done by myself for safety. We drilled the blanks on the lathe the initial part of the drilling was done by myself then the remainder of the blank was drilled by Entrant. We hand sanded the tubes and glued them in position with 5 min epoxy. Entrant then loaded the blanks onto the mandrel and lathe and being that the blank was acrylic he started with 80p sand paper to take the edges off. Then proceeded to get the basic shape under supervision with a small gouge. He then proceeded with a skew to smooth the tubes a bit the sanded with paper to bushings. Once sanded to 800P he then started on the polish which is a 4stage cutting compound then I had to assemble the pen as he didn't have the strength to press it together. This is Entrant's 5th pen and I am looking forward to what he makes in the future.
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