2020 BASH Segmented Contest Rules

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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
(I am using the same rules as in 2019 - No changes at this time.)

Segmented Pen Contest Rules

This contest focuses on the skills, precision and ingenuity of constructing a segmented blank(s), in a finished pen. It is for hand segmenting only, with readily available hand and power tools. Materials produced from 3’d printed forms filled with resins, CNC and laser equipment will not be allowed in this contest.

In addition to the Universal Contest Guidelines,

The contest rules are as follows:

1. You must make the blank(s) yourself.
2. A readily available, stock kit must be used as the basis for the finished pen.
3. While the primary focus of the contest is on the segmentation of the blank(s), in the spirit of fostering creativity, kit modifications will be allowed, but not required (e.g., custom center bands, custom finials, closed end pens).
4. Any kit is allowed - Single or double tube; Ballpoint, Rollerball or Fountain Pen.
5. Any material or combination of materials is allowed (i.e., all wood, all acrylic, wood/acrylic, wood/metal/acrylic, etc)
6. A finished pen must be entered, not simply the blank.
7. Casting will be allowed in whole or a portion of the blank(s) for the final pen.
8. Imbedded materials will be allowed in any cast material, although the embedded materials will not qualify for the segmented portion, unless the embedded materials are in fact segmented.
9. Materials/design components produced from 3’d printed forms filled with resin will not be allowed; although a 3’d printed “mold” for a complete tube-in or rectangular cast is permissible.
10. For purposes of this contest, “Segmented” will be defined simply as: The Blank(s) need to have been constructed of more than one single piece.


1. There will be an email address provided to send entries to.
2. Two pictures should be be submitted. You are responsible for cropping and sizing your photographs.
3. A brief description of your work should accompany your pictures.
4. Contest will start Feb 1st and entries will be accepted from Feb 1 through noon - Monday Feb. 18th, 12:00 PM EST.
5. One entry per person.

Email Entries to: Segmentedpencontest@penturners.org


1. Winners will be decided by popular vote.
2. Pens will be judged by the finished pen and blank.
3. If there are 10 entries or less, there will be one poll, which will be open for 72 hours.
4. If there are 10+ entries there will be a preliminary poll and the top five entries will advance to a final poll that will also be open for 72 hours.
5. Tied votes for any entries to advance/win may result in additional run-off polls, or additional entries to advance to the final poll


Mar 13, 2015
Pgh, PA
No lasers OK.

I better start hand cutting the 1,026 pieces I need for my idea. Not sure my segmenting cutting technique works for the thin wood I want to use. :confused:

I think I need a new jig. :)
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