2020 BASH Open Casting Contest Rules

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Mr Vic

Aug 11, 2008
Falcon, CO
Welcome to the 2020 IAP 16th Birthday Bash Open Casting Contest

So, there’s only one casting contest for this year’s BASH! Just cast a blank. Your method, choice of materials and equipment used is up to you as long as you do the work
Entries for the "Freestyle Casting Contest" will be accepted starting Feb. 1st, 2020 and will end Feb. 22, 20208 at Midnight Mountain Time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

How to Enter:

You must submit the information below when submitting your blank/s. Any blank/s posted to this or any other thread or anyone revealing their work will be disqualified.

Use this email to submit your entries to: OpenCasting@penturners.org

Please include your IAP member Id, real Name and address with your entry.

Who Determines the Winners:

A member's poll will be created for your peers to vote. Voting will begin on Feb. 22nd and run until Feb. 24th at High Noon MST. The top 3 vote recipients will then be entered in the finalists’ poll which will begin Feb. 25th and end on Feb. 27at 11:59 pm EST. The winners will be revealed Feb. 28th.

All contestants must comply with the Universal Contest Rules in addition to the following rules.

Rules for the Freestyle Casting Contest:

1 - The object of the contest is to create a pen blank using one or more of many casting techniques. You may cast single or multiple colors - or - attach an object or objects to a tube/s and then cast it in resin - or - you may cast your item/s then drill the blank and glue in the tube.

2 - The objects you attach or cast can be made by any means. Once cast they may only be turned on a lathe to final dimensions.

3 – Your creation may be one blank for a single body style or two for a double body or body and cap style pen.

4 - This contest is about creating a blank/s and using it to produce a pen.

5 - Each submission must include1 picture of the cast blank and 2 pictures of the completed pen.

6 - To enter the contest you must submit to the email listed above. You must submit 3 photographs. Photos need to be 800x600 with a maximum file size of 256kb.

7 - Your submission must include brief description of the materials and process used in the creation of the blank.

8 - Photographs should be on a plane background without props of any sort. A clear plastic pen stand is acceptable. Remember that you will be judged based on your photographs submitted.

9 - Please include your member ID, real name and address along with your entry.


First –Drill BIts from Mark James - 90 and a gift certificate from jlroch -$25.00
Second - A prize package from Exotic Blanks -$50d and Erichardson Bottle stoper package _$30
Third - A gift certificate from Robutacion _$50

If there are any questions or concerns about your entry please contact me via PM
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Fred Bruche

Feb 11, 2018
Philadelphia 19146
I know there is a kitless contest but in case one has created too many of them (asking for a friend :rolleyes:), are kitless pens allowed for this casting contest?


Local Chapter Manager
Mar 25, 2005
Racine, WI, USA.
Hi Fred,

This contest is about casting a blank. I fell a kitless pen would detract from the intent of the contest So I going to say _______ to a kitless entry.

May want to fill in the blank!! I'm GUESSING it was no, but the question is still open.
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