2019 Summer Extravaganza kitless pen contest.

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2019 Summer Extravaganza - Kitless Contest

The Universal Contest Rules apply. You can find them and read them Here. https://www.penturners.org/threads/universal-contest-rules.133052/

Your kitless entry may be any style pen or pencil you wish to make.

There are no restrictions on tools or techniques or raw materials. Everything is allowed as long as you are the one doing the work.

You are encouraged to make as many of the parts for your entry as possible. However, you may use a commercially made clip if you hide the ring, or you may eliminate the clip or make one yourself. Roll Stoppers are an excellent alternative to clips and something you might want to consider.

You may also use commercial ink / lead system components (e.g. nibs, feeds, transmissions / mechanisms (twist or click), refills, converters, sacs, springs, pressure bars...). You may also use a slimline twist transmission. The use of brass (or other) tubes is allowed.

Nose cones, sections, couplers, finials and center bands from kits or sold separately by vendors are not allowed.

The barrels should be made from materials that have not been modified by an artist other than yourself.

You will judged by
1 - creativity
2 - scope of original work in making the parts
3 - looks, we all like a pretty pen!

To enter, send an email to kitlesscontest@penturners.org
A) 3 pictures of your pen in the standard 800x600 format
B) A statement that clearly explains what YOU did to make the pen. Any special features should be explained to ensure they don't get overlooked by the voters

Deadline for entry is TBD.

You may only make one entry.

First Place A Gift Certificate from Robutacion for $100
Second Place A BOB from Edgar
Third Place A BOB from dpstudios

If you have any questions you may post them here or PM me.
Chief TomaToe https://www.penturners.org/members/chief-tomatoe.35152/
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