2019 Kitless Contest Vote

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2019 Kitless Contest Votes

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Jul 11, 2012
Grand Junction, Colorado
Here are the entries into the kitless contest. Please vote for your favorite. There will be one round of voting. One vote per person.

Prizes are:

First Place, Diamond Blanks from Mckenzie Pen Works $85.00 value and A PRESSURE POT SHELF FROM BeeAMaker
Second Place, $50 gift certificate from Rockler, and AAW membership from AAW $35 value
Third place, BOB from Karl 99 $50 value

Pen one

Here is my first syringe piston filler. The body and cap are made from green acrylic blank with a clear cast acrylic ink window, The section is black acrylic with an IPG medium nib. The plunger is white acetal with two Buna-N o-rings. I liked the squiggly springy clip from an old giveaway pen so I decided to put it on this pen. Getting the fit between the o-rings and the ID was a challenge the o-rings are lubricated with silicone grease.
The overall length is 5 7/8 inches long and the pen is 5 1/8 inches uncapped.

Pen Two

This is my kitless pen entry. I started with a 9 inch Alumilite blank. First I made the section by turning a tenon for a 9mm thread to screw into the lower body. I drilled a hole to accept the converter for a friction fit. I then parted the section and turning it around where I drilled and reamed three steps of holes to accept the housing and threads for the housing. Then I created the lower body by first cutting a tenon to accept a triple start m13 die for the cap to body threads. I then drilled out the lower body and threaded it to accept the length and thickness of the converter and the screwed in section. I then drilled out the cap for the m13 triple start tap. After tapping the hole I trimmed some from the barrel to make sure the pattern on the lower barrel and the cap would match as well as I could make it when capped. I then used three sizes of mandrels to shape all three pieces as well as sand, finish, and polish the pieces. I also put a taper on the lower body to make sure that the cap could easily post on the end of the pen while writing. The nib is a #6 JOWO nib and is a semi-flex steel gold plated nib.

Pen Three

When making the .30-06 pen with the Zebra F-301 pen I start by taking the pen apart and removing the stainless tube. The lower ribbed part has to have 3.5 ribs turned down to fit into the shell where the bullet was. This makes the length right and the nib protrudes the correct distance when the clicker is pushed.

The clicked and the pen nib need to be removed. They are chromed brass and sanding removes the chrome. them polish to desired sheen. For the .30-06 shell I remove the primer and mount it in the chuck and take the letter "O" size drill to drill through the end. Mount it on the lathe and sand and polish it.

Put it together and enjoy.

Pen Four

This pen has no brass tube. The barrel is Chechen wood with colored veneer strips. We start with a pen blank (Chechen) which has an accurately square cross-section. Diagonal grooves (0.25" wide, 0.30" deep) are milled on each side at a 7 degree angle to the axis. Four Groups of 11 Colored veneer strips are inlaid on edge into grooves and secured with liberal amounts of thin CA. Each veneer strip group is a tight fit in its groove. After rounding on lathe, drilling is done (also on lathe) to accommodate Parker refill, spring, and click mechanism (like Slimline Pro). The hardware fittings (nib, upper finial, and push button) are machined from brass rod stock. The nib and finial pieces are from hexagonal stock. The hexagonal shape provides roll-stopping. The barrel is turned down to a diameter that matches the minimum diameter of the hexagon. The barrel is finished with multiple layers of thin CA, sanded and polished.

Notice the interesting shape that the veneer groups take on due to their diagonal placement and subsequent rounding of the barrel. Also notice that sharp corners on the brass nib and finial are removed (on lathe) and this results in pleasing shape with diamond-like patterning.

Pen Five

Here are the pictures of my entry for the 2019 Bash Kitless contest. Not perfect by any mean but I had a lot of fun making it. My first entry in this contest ever, probably won't be the last!

The wood is Golden amboyna burl (reinforced with brass tubes on the inside). There are two types of plastic for the parts I made, the body and cap threads (M13x0.8-triple) are black ebonite, the nib section, center bands, and finials are blue French Galalith. The parts I did not make myself are the clip, the housing/feed/black nib, and the ink converter.

Pen Six

This is my submission for the kitless pen contest. It is made of black
ebonite. I decorated it with precious leaves and powder (mainly silver,
but also palladium, gold and bronze), with white and blue
mother-of-pearl. The clip has been made by Mike from silver Pen Parts.
CA finish.



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Jan 28, 2019
Sachse, TX
Great work by all 6 makers. These are inspiring, as a newbie it is fun to see some advanced pen making, it inspires the creativity.


Feb 22, 2005
This is probably the toughest competition in my eyes to pick a clear winner. This is an area I do need to stick my feet into. These contests sure do get a person inspired. Thanks to all participants and good luck. They are all winners. Nice job setting the scene Steve.:):)


Mar 19, 2017
Houston, Texas
Yeah, so I won't be entering the kitless competition for a LONG time! All of these are really great, hard to pick a favorite. Congrats to all


Jun 29, 2012
Wilmington, MA
Wow, tough call. I decided to go back and read the "basis for judging" again to see if that helped --

You will judged by
1 - creativity
2 - scope of original work in making the parts
3 - looks, we all like a pretty pen!

Well that didn't make it any easier -- every one of these entries scores high points in all three respects :biggrin:
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