2016 Shop Life Photo Contest

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Welcome to the 2018 IAP 14th Birthday Bash Shop Life Photo Contest

The goal of the Shop Life Photo Contest is to have fun while showing your photography skills and and giving the IAP members a glimpse into what you see as the visual beauty of your shop and/or it's activity.

How to...The Quick and Easy:
Go to your workshop

Take a picture (try to be creative)

Submit the Shop Life picture by email by February 16, 2018 11:59 PM EST

Win Prizes!

Continue reading for all the specifics...

Please continue to read below for all of the rules and procedures.
These contest rules build upon the Universal Contest Rules. Please familiarize yourself with those rules in addition to the rules below specific to the Shop Life Photo Contest.

Photo Subject:
Photos must be somewhat related to your workshop or places that you do work related to pen creation. They can include people working in your shop, the materials, tools and equipment you use, etc.

Photography Work:
All photography work submitted must be done by you. Photos can be from any date and do not have to be taken specifically for the contest, as long as the photo (and any pens that may be in the photo) has not been shown publicly. Please know that this means that pens entered in other 2018 Bash contests can not be included in the picture you submit.

Image Modifications:
Minor digital enhancement is permitted (see below), but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will be disqualified.

Permitted Modifications:
Images may be cropped and rotated as necessary.

Red-eye removal and spot editing to remove minor dust, etc. (Please be careful not to go too far, see Not Permitted #1)

One-step enhancement (such as "AutoFix", "QuickFix", "Auto Levels", etc.)

Use of filters to sharpen, soften, blur, despeckle, or remove noise.

Use of corrective functions to improve the natural appearance of the image, such as levels, contrast, brightness, curves, intensity, tone, hue, saturation, lightness, value, color balance, and tint.

Not Permitted:
Manipulation or editing to hide flaws.

Borders, frames, or textures added to images.

Watermarks, signatures, logos or copyright notices added to images. (logos, etc. on items in the photo are permitted)

Adding or replacing significant elements in an image.

Photo Formats:
File size must be less than 256K per image. Images may be no larger than 960 pixels in either width or height but can be any proportion (i.e. vertical, horizontal, or square) within that size. Any images submitted larger than that will be resized down. The IAP and BASH Organizers will not be responsible for any loss in image quality because of this. Smaller images will not be resized and will be displayed at the size they were submitted. Entries may be color or black & white digital images only and should be submitted in either JPG (JPEG) or PNG format.

Ownership/Use Rights:
Photographers retain the copyright to their photographs. By entering the contest, photographers agree to have their submitted photograph displayed on the IAP website without any fee or other form of compensation. Photographers agree that IAP may display winning photos in a "past winners" photo gallery and retain copies of the photograph for promotional purposes. Photos will be credited to the photographer.

How to Enter:
Each IAP Member may submit only ONE photo to this contest. Photos need to be submitted via email to Shop.Life.Photo@penturners.org and NOT POSTED HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE FORUM / INTERNET.

What to include in your email message:
Picture of your shop (refer to rules above)

A brief description of the photograph. This will go below the picture of your shop

Your IAP username

E-Mail address

First and Last Name


Entries will be accepted starting (Feb. 1st) but must be received by February 16, 2018, 11:59 PM EST to be eligible.

By February 18, 2018: Preliminary polls will be posted of all entries to be voted on by the entire IAP membership. The order of photos in the polls will be random. Preliminary voting will be open until (February 21, 2018) 11:59 PM EST.

February 22, 2018) a final poll will be posted with the top 10 photos by votes from all preliminary polls. Final voting will be open until (February 25, 2018) 11:59 PM EST. In the event of 10 or less total entries are received, only one poll will be made on February 18, 2018 and voting will be open until February 21, 2018 11:59 PM EST.

As such you should not post your photo or any other information on this site or any others that would identify your photo to other members. Promoting your entry to other members in any way (in person, Private Message, E-Mail, Phone, posting pleas for votes) is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
1st Place: TBA
2nd Place:TBA
3rd Place: TBA
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