14mm Tap, Die, & Die Holder

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Chief TomaToe

Oct 6, 2017
Bloomington, Indiana
During my foray into kitless pen making, I seemed to have purchased the wrong tap and die, along with the die holder that goes with the die. There's nothing wrong with them at all, as they were recently purchased and haven't even been used. I just didn't have the drill bit or chuck to hold the bit that large (13.3mm). I'm willing to get rid of them at their purchase price from Victor Machinery, which usually charges considerable shipping fees. I'll also ship them to you for free, but they must all be purchased together.

(From the VictorNet website)
14mm x .75 HS Plug Tap (TAMP-14-.75) - $14.30
14mm x .75 HS Round Die 1-1/2" OD (RDM-14-.75-C) - $18.30
1-1/2" Round Die Holder with 3/4" Shank (DIE-015) - $18.50

$50 flat, shipped to your door. You live and you learn...
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