“Cube” Tackle Box

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Jan 12, 2013
Tehachapi, CA
I build a number of custom long range tackle boxes and some smaller ones like this “Cube” day box. I have been doing this since 2002! Always they are custom orders built for each customer. I decided to use some wood in the shop to build a spec box.
It can hold 16-24 jigs and have a free space of 5”W x8-7/8” L x7-3/4 Deep. It is constructed of African mahogany and coated with six thin coats of spar varnish. It is VERY glossy and smooth.
The cost is $150 ($50 less than my usual price). There is only 1 at this 25% off price.

Outside dimensions: 9.5” tall x 9.25” wide x 10” front to back.

One shipped to Camarillo from my shop cost $30.

I accept PayPal and must collect 7.25% tax if you live in California.

Email me if interested


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