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  1. D

    I need your help

    Good evening, I started woodworking back in 2008 after taking the first step of the USMLE while in medical school. My wife wanted crown molding installed in our first home. I didn’t even know what crown molding was not how to use a miter saw. That first project evolved to many projects to...
  2. Commercial_Forest_Products_oak_flooring.jpg


    Here is a run of long length Craftsman-style Red Oak historical reproduction strip flooring that just came off the Weinig moulder.
  3. Commercialforest_Mereen_Johnson_ripsaw.jpg


    This is where we rip our hardwoods. The ripsaw runs very fast and has many blades. For our turning blanks, we usually set up the knives to rip 3/4" or 1 3/4" off the edge of other projects like flooring or mouldings.
  4. Lathemaster

    FBE Bench for a New Granddaughter

    Awhile back I either bought or traded for a nice block of Flaming Box Elder (FBE). Wish I could find the original WoodBarter thread or something in PayPal but alas no luck. Two new things here. First, I have never made a bench or stool from FBE and second this is my first Shaker tape seat.
  5. H

    Hi to All From Timbertown NSW

    Howdy all! My name is Howie and I am from Wauchope NSW. Wauchope was a logging and timber milling community way back in the early 1830's. I have been here now for 7 years. I like woodworking in general but turn the odd pen. My pen turning skills aren't too bad but you know what they say...there...
  6. WildcatHollow

    Sharpening Turning Tools

    I have several questions about sharpening my tools, and wondered if you could help, please. 1. How often should I sharpen them, if I use them every day on wood? (Number of pens? Number of hours? Number of days?) 2. How often should I sharpen them, if I use them every day on acrylics? 3...
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