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  1. D

    First Pen with the Beall Pen Wizard

    Recently purchased the Beall Pen Wizard after considering it for 4 years. Experimented a bit and decided to make a Vertex rollerball. The wood used is plum with 3 coats of wipe on poly. I am going to enjoy the possibilities of this.
  2. ELA

    Vertex segmented pen

    What to do with left over wood. View in Gallery
  3. Heartwoodturning

    Sneezewood Vertex Rollerball with Gun Metal Plating By Heartwoodturning

    I make pens everyday. I enjoy it so much it is my full time job now as well as my hobby. Every so often I make one which I fall in love with. I gave this one to Graham who owns one of the shops who stocks my work. This is my third completed Vertex rollerball pen. I made the other two out...
  4. D

    Stratus Pen Disassemby

    I need some help here - I have a stratus kit from PSI where the tube got damaged while i was assembling it (don't ask how, it was late, and I was tired :redface:). I don't want to trash the pen, but i need to get it apart adn i'm concerned about breaking the click mechanism if i use the...
  5. RosezPenZ

    Vertex clicker repair

    First, may I suggest we start a "repair" forum? Ok my problem. I'm talking about the PKFP4000 series click pen. I have 2 and both broke when dropped/ fell out of pocket. The push button plastic piece broke. I think (?) I can use a punch and push the entire top piece off and then replace...
  6. patmurris

    Vertex click disassembly?

    I need to take apart a Vertex click pen but i fear to ruin the click assembly which is made of plastic. I have one of those disassembly kit with plenty of rods to chose from and gave it a soft try to see if it would go easily, but i'll need to bang the thing hard to push the top part out. I...
  7. S

    Finally newbie pics.

    Ok, so these are a couple of the first few pens ive turned. 5 and 6 of 10 so far. One is a black cigar, and bocote blank. I finished sanding to 12000, and finished with a high friction polish. I just cant seem to get the CA finish just right yet. The other is a Vertex click, and some sort of...
  8. patmurris

    Honduras Rosewood Burl Aero & Vertex

    Hi all! These are two great HRB blanks from johnm. CSUSA Aero kit with exhibition grade HRB, CA finish: PSI Vertex kit, HRB with some sapwood, CA finish: Thanks again John for the beautiful blanks! This is certainly one of my top five favorite timbers. :smile:
  9. C

    vertex pens

    I have just finished 4 vertex pens. 2 of the 4 had a bad click mechanisms. Each of them worked but only some of the time. Is this the norm for this pen? Is there some other mechanism that can be substituted? Thanks
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