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  1. C

    Problem with Vacuum pot gauge fitment

    Hello everyone, Wanted to see if someone could give me a "sanity check" on something. Got my new vacuum pot in the mail today and was going about setting it up. Like expected, has a small hole in the top for the vacuum line/gauge to go through into the pot. It came with 2 steel washers and 2...
  2. M

    We just killed our 4th vacuum! 😡

    Ok all, this is getting ridiculous. We are on our 4th or 5th vacuum at this point. 4 of them have been JB's which are supposed to be exactly what we need. My guess is that we're still getting cactus juice into the pump some how, but I can't see it happening. These are lasting about 2 weeks at...
  3. I

    Pressure pot/vacuum chamber

    For casting.. I am looking to figure out the very best way to cast acrylic. Do you have to use pressure or can you use vacuum? Next, I am looking for an option to do small amounts. Is there a system someone can recommend that is an all-in-one? I would rather pay a little more for a...
  4. J

    pressure vs vacuum

    Any thought on which method works better for Allumilite? I have been casting in PR for a while now and rēcently decided to go to Allumilite. I have a system that can do both pressure and vacuum but i have been having issues getting vacuum to work right with Allumilite. Seems to explode under a...
  5. vtgaryw

    Programmable Vacuum Switch?

    I just set up my vacuum chamber (pressure cooker pot with a diaphragm pump.) It holds vacuum well, so well, in fact, that I'd like to not have to run the pump continuously. Anyone know of a reasonably priced programmable vacuum switch so I can turn the pump on and off as needed? Thanks, Gary
  6. M

    I need clear advice on blank making...

    Total newbie, have not made anything YET...wanting to buy what I need...nothing more! I want to stabilize my wood and vacuum it. SOME I want to pour into blanks and add colored resin, maybe 2 or 3 colors in a mold. I see different methods at this point...can I just mold then let it cure on a...
  7. M

    Suggested Vacuum and Pressure rating

    I am starting out in casting world. How much is a good vacuum to pull in a small vacuum pot. Same goes for pressure in a pressure pot; how much pressure is good enough? Thanks Munawar
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