tool rest

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  1. MRDucks2

    $500 - Lathe, 2 Nova G3 Chucks, jaws, centers, face plate

    SOLD - The old Powermatic P90 is ready for use and my new shop simply does not have the room for 2 lathes or I would be keeping this one. The chucks will not work on the 1959 lathe I am keeping. The Central Machinery lathe is 3-1/2 years old and I included a link to it. One chuck is 3 years old...
  2. Woodchipper

    Rounding off tool edges

    I was looking at another thread on tool rests. One thing mentioned was rounding off the edges of the turning tool. I just finished two pen blanks and ran into this with the Nova tool rest. I did take my generic tool and polish the top of the rest- round stock, but still get the catch when...
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