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  1. GaryMGg

    Mmmmm, the aroma

    Shop smells from BOW today. Yum, think I'll leave the shavings lay. :biggrin:
  2. GaryMGg

    ServicePens 2015

    Time to start collecting pens for the great Servicemen and women protecting America. For 2014, we contributed 533 pens. For 2015, I hope we'll have more contributors than we've ever had. For 2015, I hope we'll have more contributions than we've ever had. Freedom is not free; each pen says...
  3. GaryMGg

    ServicePens 2015 begins

    For the last four years, the IAP has helped and supported several programs to provide pens to our Service men and women, including ServicePens. ServicePens 2014 has just completed -- we provided 533 pens to these heroes. Mike Broberg has informed me the IAP will continue to support...
  4. GaryMGg

    ServicePens 2014: Where's yours?

    Here are the first pens made specifically for ServicePens 2014 (excuse the lousy cell phone pic): Where's yours? :wink:
  5. GaryMGg

    ServicePens 2014

    ServicePens 2013 was a big success. 1019 pens for the men and women who protect American liberty and freedom. ServicePens 2014 begins now. Pens received from this point forward will be delivered next June. I look forward to a great year with all y'all's help!!! Thank you. Gary
  6. GaryMGg

    Donations needed for ServicePens maker

    Ladies and Gentlemen, As many of you know, I run the ServicePens program: One of the individuals who has been making pens is retired and on a fixed income. To date, he has personally made more than 130 pens and donated them for...
  7. GaryMGg

    Pens for Servicemen and women

    Step right up. Be the first to commit to contributing to ServicePens 2013: I need you to make a pen for the great men and women who protect this country. I'll be collecting pens all year to be delivered this coming June in Chicago...
  8. GaryMGg

    ServicePens 2013

    Ladies and Gentlemen, and the rest of us too. :wink: ServicePens 2012, is complete. It's now time to focus on what we'll accomplish for 2013. The pen donations to our servicemen and women for this event will occur June...
  9. GaryMGg

    Black Cherry Burl

    This pen is made from a Black Cherry burl blank I traded for with John Schmittou (TurnerJohn74). These blanks are really nice looking and smell great when being turned. As time and UV Rays work on the black cherry it will change from a pinkish red to the rich, deep red cherry is known for and...
  10. GaryMGg


    Don't know. Look here: Things are just now beginning to roll.
  11. GaryMGg

    ServicePens: Pens For Servicemen

    I know we have a lot going on but please look here for another opportunity to provide support to our troops. Thank you, Gary
  12. GaryMGg

    ServicePens: Pens For Servicemen

    Hi y'all, I'm collecting pens for our Servicemen and women and I'm hoping all of you will participate -- some more than once or twice. I belong to a professional organization which supports our servicemen. Each year at our previous annual conferences in June, we've donated $5,000.00 in...
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