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  1. Amihai

    Newbie segmenting questions

    Hello, Looking forward to making segmented blanks. Will a small bandsaw do? I don't have enough space for a tablesaw. If so, which blade is recommended? Secondly, is there a guide to making some interesting segmented patterns? I bought several books on the subject but they discuss mainly...
  2. bfrazier

    Making the Best of a Blowout

    I was turning out a Lava Bright II blank and as 3 out of ten do... blowout, just as I almost done. This pencil was for my younger son because he likes the nice big 2-mm lead and orange is his favorite color. I didn't have another orange blank so I had to think of something. I had the small cut...
  3. Roy_Quast

    Tutorial for a fish scale pen OR how to NEVER blow up a blank while drilling

    I made this tutorial back in 2010 and I put it on Penturner's Paradise. That site has since shut down. A few people have asked me to put it here so... here it is. I would hope that if you read all the way through this thread that you learn 2 things. 1... how to make the fish-scale pen and 2...
  4. jmbaker79

    First Aluminum Pen with Alt. Ebony

    So this is the first attempt at turning aluminum barrels. It is a Chrome Jr. Gent I FP. This is also my 2nd fp, the first one will be posted soon as well, and upgraded nibs are in the mail. The cap is made of alt. ebony with aluminum segment bands. I picked this aluminum up at lowes on a whim...
  5. Marc

    Spiraling segments

    One of my first complex segment successes. This is purple heart and teak in a slimline style. LOML grabbed this one right away. Right after this one, I moved on to better kits. Have only made a handful of slimlines since.
  6. djwood1

    New Aluminum Segment Design

    Here' a design I made for single barrel pens. Now I need to figure out a name for the design. Anyone got any good ideas? Aero pen, black wood, aluminum segments, BLO/CA finish. Comments are welcome...THX I didn't see a tutorial on this type of segmenting. Would folks like to see a...
  7. mikemac

    Purpleheart Indianblanket

    First time with this pattern, learned a few things, will be trying it again. Its a fairly time consuming project, but produces an interesting pattern. You end up making more sawdust that penblank! Anyone have any tips from when they tried it?
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