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  1. P

    Click Pen Kits with Quality Mechanisms, Schmidt SKM-88 and others?

    I need click pens at work. Reach up, grab pen from pocket with dominant hand, click pen with thumb of same hand, and ... ready to write. I saw these "Duraclick EDC" pen kits at Penn State. (EDC = every day carry.) They claim that the Schmidt SKM-88 mechanism feels better, is more reliable...
  2. Herb G

    Heads Up for Penturners...Rockler Sale

    Rockler has These on sale for $9.99. That's 1/2 price. However, they are oversold until 1/6/2017. They will fill your order as they are received. I ordered 5 while I could get them. Order yours now. Operators are standing by. :tongue: Hope this helps someone out there. :wink:
  3. U

    Old Rockler Round Top Pen & Pencil Bushing?

    Hey All, I recently 'inherited' several old pen kits and a couple of them are Rockler "Round Top Pen" and "Round Top Pencil" but I didn't get the bushings. On the Rockler website I put in the pen kit numbers (61272 for the Pen) and (61281 for the Pencil) and got no hits. Sent an email to Rockler...
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