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  1. summerspa

    Thanks for having me.

    Thanks for approving my application. Ben turning since Jr High Shop Class with Mr. Fox. Didn't turn a pen until a few year ago, but found it enjoyable and rewarding. I'm a retired US Naval Officer (LDO.) Been working a Woodcraft Norfolk/Virginia Beach for a few years now doing Saturday Demos and...
  2. Woodchipper

    And there it was!

    Ever heard of- You can't see the forest for the trees? Started to turn two pens for archery tournament door prizes. I used the right wheel on my Rikon grinder and was pleased with the results. However, it got good results and had no more thoughts on it. But I looked at the other wheel and...
  3. mmayo

    New lathe

    When I turned five bottle stoppers and 20+ pens my Rikon mini lathe started making unhappy noises so I bought a new bigger model. That 1 horse motor sounds unstoppable and very smooth. It was close between this lathe and an equivalent Jet lathe, but this one fit on the existing stand and...
  4. W

    Looking to boost the economy!

    So I am going to buy a new lathe in a week or so after I do my research. I am very tired moving belts on my Rikon. Although I have been granted the blessing of spending 2k on a lathe, Laguna Tools 18-47, I find it difficult to do so in this economy. What I have decided to get is the Delta...
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