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  1. MRDucks2

    Shop Repair - Brick Work and boards

    Was going to title this “Another Thing I’ll Never Make a Living At”. Prior to adding a dividing wall to my shop to separate the “clean area” I removed the loose plaster from the brick in the 1880’s portion of my shop. I found two 2x4 laid length wise in two runs of the brick, something had not...
  2. jpford

    Omas pens question

    Hello turners & craftspeople! I am looking for info about Omas fountain pens. Specifically, I have a customer who owns and Omas that has a bent nib. Someone "straightened" the nib out for them and it does write, but it leaks. Not sure from where as I haven't actually looked at it nor have I...
  3. P

    Inlay for pens already turned.

    Hi there everyone! I'm still pretty new to the game here so i was wondering if there are any veterans out there that can help a rookie with this problem. You see I made myself some inlay using Lapis Lazuli to fill the cracks of a blank. Now i've made some pens already and I'm sure alot of you...
  4. G

    Purse Pens

    Finally got around to making some pens I hope will be liked buy (pun intended) women. These are Artisan Coventry kits from CSUSA in chrome. Thanks to Ed & Dawn at for the Appeltini and Hawaiian Hibiscus. The cherry is finished with WTF sanded between coats with 6000 MM...
  5. RosezPenZ

    Vertex clicker repair

    First, may I suggest we start a "repair" forum? Ok my problem. I'm talking about the PKFP4000 series click pen. I have 2 and both broke when dropped/ fell out of pocket. The push button plastic piece broke. I think (?) I can use a punch and push the entire top piece off and then replace...
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