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  1. ramaroodle

    Pricing my pens to friends and co-workers?

    As I said in another unrelated thread, I have friends and co-workers who want me to make pens for them. Rather than giving them some arbitrary price for different pens what I have been doing is giving them the PSI book and a print out of a vendor who makes laser blanks. They pay for the blank...
  2. Ardy

    Hello from Canada

    Hello - I have been turning pens, stoppers, key chains and a few other small items for a little over a year. I've sold most at local craft fairs or a couple gift shops which pleases me :). I am always looking for sources for new blanks. I prefer (because my buyers seem to) laminated colorful...
  3. D

    Pricing larger orders

    I've been asked to supply pricing for quantities 12, 24, 36 and 48 of a logo sierra pen that I made as a sample for a company. I've come up with pricing based on the price breaks that I get on my materials by buying quantity but I'm wondering what to do with my labor hours. There isn't a...
  4. M

    How much is that pendent in the window

    I am thinking about trying pendents. What do you guys try to get for them money wise? And do they sell well?
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