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  1. E

    Pen Stand all finished

    Through together this little pen stand for the pens that don’t have homes... I have made a total of 7 pens so far but sold 2 .. doesn’t look too shabby but I need to come up with a storage container that can hold 10 times the amount of pens I will have... not finished turning yet and have two...
  2. R

    Double Dyed Poplar

    Just a quick cell phone photo of a pen with a blank I made. It's Spalted Tulip Poplar stabilized and double-dyed green & purple.
  3. R

    Celtic w/Green Poplar

    Got in a couple of Celtic kits from PSI and I knew just the wood to use. A while ago, I picked up a piece of mystery lumber from a friend's farm near Red Boiling Springs, TN and it tuned out to be poplar. I have no idea how old it is, probably at least the middle of the 1900's. Even though the...
  4. PapaTim

    Sierra Pen and Pencil

    These are Christmas presents for my wife. The Platinum / Black Ti is a pen. The Ti Gold / Black Ti I converted to a .05mm pencil. Thanks to Scott Hettel for his video tutorial in the library. The blanks are stabilized Purple dyed Curly Poplar and the kits are from A.S. finished with Ren Wax...
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