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  1. Amihai


    Hi, After I'm finished turning the blanks, I sand, then clean the blank with little bit of alcohol, apply 8 layers of CA finish, micro mesh it, and apply little bit of Renaissance wax. I understood from some people that one may also polish the blank after the CA is applied. I've never done that...
  2. Woodchipper

    CA problem...maybe

    I'm finishing a cocobolo blank for a pen. I put CA glue on at low speed and a quick shot of accelerator. Eight coats and I looked at the blank. Seems to have radial marks in the CA finish. I don't have a Beal buffing system....good hint for the family at Christmas. Anyway, all I have is Hut high...
  3. M

    Polish or Wax after MM 12000 ?

    I have achieved great results wet sanding the CA finish with Micromesh up to 12000. I am thinking that I could apply a wax or polish to it at the end but I do not want to use anything with any grit to it because the finish is already quite glossy. Are there any recommendations for a car wax or...
  4. C

    Finishing Carbon Fiber Pen?

    I've just turned a carbon fiber pen blank and I cant polish it to a high gloss finish as I usually do for the life of me. I had some dificulties turning it so i needed to sand it down alot, so i started 150 grit and worked up through 800. I then finished it using a full set of Micro Mesh and...
  5. C

    HELP!! With friction gloss sealer

    Hello All!! Is there any one here that can help and point me in the right direction.I have been using the PKFRICT3 Gloss friction sealer from penn state.I really like this product.I placed an order with penn state and when I received the order it had been marked off.So I went to their site and I...
  6. rkimery

    How long will it last?

    I have been on the forum for over a year now. This is also my first post, so be kind. :smile: Maybe this is posted somewhere, but I haven't found it on here yet. If this is the case, please point me in the right direction..Thanks. My question is this: How long will it last in the bottle or...
  7. spacebrandon

    beginner turner

    i have a few qustions that have been unanswered in the videos the I have seen here they are: Should I use a wax or cream/liquid polish? Do I need a sanding sealer? What is best for the beginner wood or acryilc:rolleyes:
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