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  1. N

    Artist Sketch Pencil

    I am having trouble with 2 pencils which will not advance the lead without a lot of shaking and persuasion. The lead is advanced by means of pressing the button on the top of the pencil. Normally the lead freely falls out of the tip of the collet. Any suggestions on a fix before I ruin these...
  2. 20201223_184414.jpg


    CELTIC KNOT ballpoint, laminated pencil
  3. Chuck Key

    2mm Pencil

    This is an unknown blank received in a bag of blanks at a MAPG in Richmond several years ago. The kit is a 2mm Elite. Since there are not brass tube or extra ornaments the pencil weighs in at 0.5 of an ounce.
  4. Curly Cherry Sketch Pencil

    Curly Cherry Sketch Pencil

    Sketch pencil from Craft Supplies in curly cherry. Finish is BLO/CA glue.
  5. Pentel Pencil right view

    Pentel Pencil right view

  6. E

    Hello! Pencil making

    Hello everyone, I am so happy to find this forum! I have a question. After a lot of research I am looking for pencil mechanisms (0.5mm, 0.7mm) with which I can make modern single piece mechanical pencils, as in the file attached. I have only found clutch 5.6mm but it is not very easy to use. Do...
  7. P

    0.3 and 0.5 mm Pencil Kits?

    Lurking for several months, but this is my first post. Does anyone know if pencil kits are available with 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm pencil leads? So far, all I have found is 0.7 mm and up.
  8. alk5adb

    Greetings from Texas

    Hello everyone, Glad to be part of the community, with all the great resources here. I'm new to turning, did my first project today a PSI workshop/sketch pencil. I've been enjoying woodworking for a long time and caught the turning bug. Looking forward to learning. My Shop Pencil. [/IMG]
  9. Blackwood

    Big Ben Pencil ??

    I made a Big Ben pen for a coworker who liked it so much that he wants a pencil to go with it. I checked PSI where I purchased the pen but don't see any mention of a pencil. Does anyone know where I might get one or maybe how to put one together using a Big Ben parts and another pencil kit?
  10. S

    Pen kit sourcing

    My dad has some walnut that he salvaged from the remodel of his office because do sentimental value. He has asked metro make him a pen/pencil set for I'm out of the salvaged wood. Here is the hard part. He wants a pencil, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen that match. I can only find 3...
  11. Texas Penworks

    Antler 30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle Cartridge Ballpoint Pen

    White Tail Deer Antler 30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle Cartridge Ballpoint Pen with engraved box. My Shop expansion Project: Deer Antler 30 Cal Bolt Action Pens - in 4 Finishes by Kyle Christian — Kickstarter
  12. CGW-WoodWorks

    Pen Turning in South Korea

    Hi Everyone, In my quest to become a better pen & pencil photographer I stumbled upon this site. Can't believe I didn't find it sooner. My Korean friend Cento is a fabulous craftsman with a new-found passion for pen turning. I'm an English teacher with a photography addiction. Together we...
  13. L

    Slimline Pencil .7mm Most Dependable ???

    Who makes the most dependable slimline pencil .7mm I have a customer requesting pen/pencil set? Name the supplier much appreciated !!! Thanks
  14. turbowagon

    CSUSA Sienna pen -> pencil conversion

    For the record, it can be done the same way as the Sierra kit. Use a Schmidt 0.7mm or 0.5mm mechanism. 1. widen the back of the transmission with a 3/32" bit 2. drill out the nib section from the inside with a 1/8" bit until the pencil tip protrudes between .160" and .165" and the lead...
  15. el_d

    Long click pencil quality???

    Hello Folk, I was asked to make a long click pen and the matching pencil. I was wondering if anyone has used the long click pencil and how it has held up. Doing a little reaserch I found that the schmidt pencil inserts fit into the cigar and comfort fit. according to the responses the...
  16. jthompson1995

    Pentel with some bite!

    This is a custom Pentel conversion I made for a trade with a member on another forum. He sent me some arrow shafts and the copperhead skin I used in the pencil. The wood accents are Honey Mesquite. This was my first successful snakeskin cast and I have to thank Don ward for his tutorials on...
  17. PapaTim

    Sierra Pen and Pencil

    These are Christmas presents for my wife. The Platinum / Black Ti is a pen. The Ti Gold / Black Ti I converted to a .05mm pencil. Thanks to Scott Hettel for his video tutorial in the library. The blanks are stabilized Purple dyed Curly Poplar and the kits are from A.S. finished with Ren Wax...
  18. G

    A blank I couldn't give away!

    This is a Woodcraft gold artists sketch pencil dressed in an early formulation of my Go Gators! blank. No one in my wood turning club would take the blank as a freebie and it went into a box of rejects, till I needed a birthday present for my nephew. It has an slight hour-glass figure from...
  19. hilltopper46

    Question about drilling CSUSA Sketch Pencil

    I drilled blanks for my first two CSUSA sketch pencils yesterday. I used the recommended 15/32 bit and because of the size and length of the hole I drilled them both on the lathe - one acrylic and one wood (tulipwood). Anyway, I ended up with really sloppy fits on both of the blanks. I used...
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