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  1. Woodchipper

    Air brushing pen blanks

    I just bought an air brush set. I can use it for some WWing projects on the to-do list. Has anyone had experience with air brushing pen blanks? Finish used or paint? Advice? Many thanks. FWIW, Youtube has a lot of videos for this but I would like something more specific on pen blanks.
  2. Woodchipper

    Coating an insert tube

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm just too lazy to do a search. I notice that many use some sort of coating or paint to cover the brass tube when it will show through the pen plank. What do you pen makers use? Does it change the OD of the tube any? I have some acrylic blanks for...
  3. C

    Clear oil paint? Why not?

    Hi guys! This is my first post here, and I'm a little new at wood turning in general... but here goes: A week or so ago, I decided to turn a bunch of blanks to compare various finishing products and techniques, and to learn how to use them. So far, I've tried polyurethane, boiled linseed...
  4. M

    painting interior of acrylics

    I have been using standard primer (white, grey, or black) in a spray can for all my acrylic blanks so it will hide the wavy or bubbly CA glue. Most of the time it seems to work fine, but I have noticed recently that it may not be working as well as I thought. Both while turning and during...
  5. S

    Help - Paint Bubbling With PR Cast

    First time poster, so please be gentle.:smile: I need some help. I am custom casting these for a friend of mine and thought I had it all figured out. My prototype (on left) was made with the following process: 1. Scuffed brass tubes with 220, wiped clean with denatured alcohol. 2...
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