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  1. Fine Engineer

    Old Truck Theme, First Acrylic Pen

    This is for a colleague who has a 1953 truck that he really enjoys. So using that as inspiration, I created this. Another colleague cast the blank, and I added some Oak to match the wood in the bed of the truck. I was surprised at how easily the acrylic turned and finished. I also wanted to put...
  2. E

    Pen Stand all finished

    Through together this little pen stand for the pens that don’t have homes... I have made a total of 7 pens so far but sold 2 .. doesn’t look too shabby but I need to come up with a storage container that can hold 10 times the amount of pens I will have... not finished turning yet and have two...
  3. M

    Lucky wood find: revisited

    I posted pictures of the top of an oak tree that fell on my shed a while back. http://www.penturners.org/forum/f178/lucky-wood-find-120490/ This is the first thing I've made out of it after microwave drying and stabilizing. Sorry for the poor photo quality. C&C welcome!
  4. Culprit

    CA over Barn Oak

    This is my first CA finish (that I will admit to in public). The wood is oak from my wife's family barn in East Tennessee. I'll have to ask my father in law over Christmas for more details, but the barn is approx 100-150 years old. That means this wood could have easily grown over 200 years...
  5. S

    Burr Elm Fountain Pen & a question

    Hi All, Turned my first fountain pen and I'm pretty happy with the results. Burr elm, with the burr voids filled in with gold paint. Sanded back to 400, then waxed. I have a question. I showed this to a friend of mine who writes with a fountain pen and he liked it, but said he'd prefer if the...
  6. Culprit

    Allergic Reaction to Red Oak Sawdust in my 2 Year Old Daughter

    I've seen this discussed here before, but didn't want to hijack other threads. I did, however, want to post this for general awareness in case another forum member is searching for data points on this topic. My 22 month old daughter woke up last Wednesday with an allergic reaction rash/welts...
  7. R

    Look what I found!

    Well, I had a friend give me about a foot long piece of a branch from a tree that has been in front of there family houseplace for they estimate over 120 yrs. Her dad is 74 yrs old and he says the tree was huge when he was a little kid. Anyway, I made him a pen from it and it was beautiful...
  8. Balasharc

    Any one know what kind of oak this is?

    What kind of Oak is this Black Oak, Bog Oak? somebody help me. Used some and want to sell some but don't know what it is.
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