mystery wood

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    Mystery Wood - Help Me Identify

    I would ask for the experts help here. I live in a maritime community, wherein I sometimes get pieces of mystery wood from yachts or fishing boats. I recently got a piece of old wood that looked like a chunk of oak, grey and weathered, decades old. When I cut it on the table saw, however, it...
  2. R

    Celtic w/Green Poplar

    Got in a couple of Celtic kits from PSI and I knew just the wood to use. A while ago, I picked up a piece of mystery lumber from a friend's farm near Red Boiling Springs, TN and it tuned out to be poplar. I have no idea how old it is, probably at least the middle of the 1900's. Even though the...
  3. W

    Anyone know what wood this is?

    The photo shows a pen that I made ages ago - back when I actually made slimlines on a regular basis. I've got a customer that wants this wood with better hardware, but without knowing what the wood is, all I can do is hope that the blank I buy is it. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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