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  1. P

    My Slow Speed Drying Rack

    Out of everything I have learned and heard from the MPGS to the Hartville meetings and on the forum people have a slow speed drying rack for finishing Mark James was a excellent piece cheap and affordable. This hit me last night or the day before. As a child i played with KNEX that my...
  2. Racer3770

    Jr. Abraham

    Here is a Jr. Abraham dressed with a blank I bought during last year's MPG in Wadsworth, Ohio. I love this kit and blank. The kit is heavy and feels very stout in your hand. Let me know what you think!
  3. T

    MPG in Ohio - Who's onboard?

    Hello everyone... I couldn't find any threads related to this except back in 2014? So, I apologize if someone had started one already...(please give me link) Anyway, I am new to Pen Turning ( 8 months) and I am absolutely hooked! So much so that my better half has given me permission to...