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  1. A

    Mini or Midi Carbide Cutter for Pens??

    I am a disaster at sharpening anything. I can take a new knife, never used and sharpen it to a dull state. So here I am a new wood lathe and looking at the carbide cutters. I can't see wasting my time sharpening so I think I will go with carbide even though I have a set of regular HSS. I am down...
  2. Lenny

    Delta parts problems?

    I purchased the Delta midi lathe 46-460 as did many others here. It is a great little lathe and i have had no issues with it. I have recommended it to many others as well as in my review on Amazon after purchasing it. However, since that time many who have needed parts have experienced...
  3. A

    maybe a stupid question...

    what is the difference between a mini lathe and a midi lathe??
  4. Lenny

    Nova midi chuck on sale

    For those who might be interested, Woodcraft has this chuck on sale for $69.99, with 25 and 55 mm jaws. Don't know much about it ... I have a Oneway Talon myself. :smile: http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2080325/28578/Nova-Precision-Midi-Chuck-with-Two-Jaw-Sets.aspx?refcode=10IN08NL
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