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  1. Wayne

    Library - Completed Uploads of All Tutorials from Old Server to New Server on 7/17/19

    Finally, I have just finished converting all Tutorials from the Old Forum Content Server to our New Forum Server. Here's the Index/Menu of Library Tutorials. Please notify me if you have any concerns, questions, notice any errors or omissions. Thank You,
  2. Woodchipper

    Photography questions answered

    I had some questions about photographing pens and decided to check the library. Found this to start and found a bunch of threads on the subject. Need to do my homework. Printed it for reference. Thanks to all who contributed to this topic...
  3. ramaroodle

    Library correction??

    FYI - Confusing but...The Rockler Manhattan Elegant kit #46997 is the same as the Rockler Sierra Vista kit with bushings measuring .551 & .523 In the app the instructions for the Manhattan Elegant are a copy of the regular Manhattan kit #47863. The regular Manhattan takes the same bushings...
  4. Woodchipper

    A gold mine of information!

    I was looking at a library post on turning antler. I saw a section marked New and clicked on it. Wow. A trainload of information at my fingertips. I liked the one on customizing an Excel knife and the document on the consignment sales agreement! I highly recommend looking at the library. As a...
  5. Woodchipper

    General comment

    I just finished looking at the new posts and was trying to figure out what to do before starting on a pen blank I glued up this morning. I went to the Library "What's New" and clicked on it. I found a trainload of great material. I was particularly interested in the gluing of Corian and the...
  6. Woodchipper

    Library videos

    I had some time and decided to look at the library and see what resources are available. I clicked on the video section. Then I clicked on both the dot links and got a 404 error message. Thumbnail video links open OK. Need some help, please.
  7. Falcon1220

    Great place

    Don’t you just love this forum? :biggrin: I have been able to find so much information on a variety of topics. I have been doing my own resin blank casting for some time now. All without a pressure pot.:redface: By change I got a pressure pot that was used for painting. Thought I would take it...
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