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  1. P

    Documents for Tracking Pen Making, for Gifts, etc.

    Allow me to share some of my pen making process and forms with you. I use paper forms to track pens as I make them. At the start, I put a pen kit, a pen blank, and a partially completed form into a fold-top plastic sandwich bag. As each pen goes through the various stages, I update the form as...
  2. J

    Label Software

    New to pen making. I want to make labels and cast them into blanks. School logos, names, etc. I have the tools and materials but I am struggling with designing and printing labels. Tried making them in Microsoft paint but not very flexible, sizing was difficult an quality of print was less...
  3. J

    New Indianapolis

    Hello, New member from Carmel. Looking to make label pens for family and friends. School logos, names, pictures, etc. I have a pressure pot, some mold makers. I am struggling with software. Any suggestions on what you use is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Racer3770

    Labels & Decals Wrapping Pen Tubes

    Hey guys! I've been a member here for a while but I rarely post. I was wondering what method you all use to wrap items around the pen tube. I have seen the "We the People" blanks and I want to do something similar to that with reproduced confederate bank notes I recently picked up. The paper is...