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  1. MRDucks2

    Keyring Fob Question

    Wife is falling in love with casting resin. One of the items she is getting requests for are keyring fobs (the dangly part) made from resin. She is trying to decide the beat way to attach. Screwing with n an eyelet, even with a predrilled hole is proving difficult at the eyelet shank in not very...
  2. W

    More Stoppers and Key Rings

    I ran off a few more of these fast selling items . The stoppers are Stainless Steel hardware with Elk antler tops and the sixteen key rings are deer antler tips. I never seem to catch up with items I am out of for craft sales but I do the best I can. Has been a busy summer with kids and...
  3. R

    fun little kit (big pic)

    My first secret compartment keychain. Homebrew Pr blank i call "Xian Vista Sunset". A gift for my best friend. No more whining about not having a toothpick!
  4. M

    Key Chain Pen and Oxford

    I've not seen many of these so thought I'd post them. I'm suprised at how many women like these key chain pens. Anyway, it's chrome, the kit is from PennStateInd and the Oxford is from Woodcraft, in maple burl (my favorite wood for the past two months!) It has a CA finish with a light coat of...
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